Justice Kids
What Is Justice Kids

Justice Kids is a curriculum for life designed to "help kids move beyond learning to doing". As a curriculum based product, we exist to equip parents and churches with tools to teach kids in a fun and effective way.

Justice Kids offers materials that are designed to help parents and the church teach kids about who God is and what matters to Him, and then give kids the chance to put this knowledge to action. Our heart is to help you teach kids about Biblical justice, and then give kids opportunities to live out compassion, mercy, and care for others!

Check out these Justice Kid products and more!

Family Activities are easy and fun activities for kids and parents to do together. Each activity offers suggested conversations to help parents teach kids about God. Just imagine you and your kids having fun together while also having the opportunity to teach your kids about compassion and God’s love for people and creation.

Kid Bio’s are short stories about kids around the world. Each story explains what life is like for this child in a kid-friendly way, offers ways to experience facets of the culture, suggests ways to get involved, and gives specific ways to pray. Just imagine your kids growing in their ability to empathize with kids from around the world while beginning to understand what life is like in different cultures.

Curriculum is designed to help churches lead kids into a deeper understanding of who God is and what matters to Him. We want to bring kids into this conversation and give them confidence in how God can use them to change the world.

The above resources are available in various packages to best suit your needs. Visit the Justice Kids store to check them out along with other great resources such as our kids music project and consultation to help you or your organization get started!