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WHAT A CHURCH GETS: Equip your entire church with the Justice Kids program, and “help kids move beyond learning to doing”. By doing this, you will equip adults to teach kids about justice, empathy, love, and compassion in a way that kids will enjoy!

HOW IT WORKS: We design your very own Justice Kids website, featuring your church logo, a personalized blog, and a staff page, along with Justice Kids resources including Family Activities and Kid Bio’s. We upload new resources to your website each week, making it hassle free for you. This means you have a top notch web site packed with stellar content for your entire church to access!

WHAT IT COSTS: An annual subscription costs $399. This includes the programming of your website, as well as new resource added weekly! Unique customization is available at extra cost.


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Looking for a weeklong summer program curriculum (VBS) or curriculum for an entire month? Our curriculum gives you the materials you want! This curriculum is offered in four-part and five-part increments, and works great as a month long Sunday morning church curriculum and as a special event curriculum.

Each curriculum package offers a large group introduction skit, Bible lesson, and application wrap up, as well as four activities designed to “help kids move beyond learning to doing”. Activities include a game, a craft, a snack, and a memory verse challenge.




sending COMPASSION - $59.99

“Sending Compassion” is a four-part curriculum that will help motivate kids to value the virtue of compassion. An adventure is brought to your group each day as a postman delivers a parcel. Each parcel brings a story from around the world, helping kids develop empathy and compassion towards others. This curriculum promises to be a fun yet pivotal experience as kids learn how to show compassion to friends and strangers alike.

This curriculum focuses on four basic truths. (1) Compassion starts with seeing the needs of others. (2) Compassion starts with seeing challenges. (3) Compassion starts with seeing differences. (4) Compassion starts now. This curriculum will give kids a deep understanding of what it means to take interest in and care for others, motivated by God’s interest and care for them. Buy

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Easter around the world


Easter around the world! - $19.99

“Are you tired of the Easter Bunny taking the stage on Easter Sunday? We are, too!

Take your kids on an Easter Sunday adventure this year as you recount the Easter story and learn about resurrection celebrations from around the world! This curriculum includes a fun introductory skit, a large group story that retells the Easter story in a fun way, and five activities based on celebrations around the world, including Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Madagascar, and the Netherlands.


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LOVE QUEST - $59.99

“Love Quest” is a four-part curriculum that will challenge kids to love God and love others no matter where they are or what is facing them. With excitement around every corner, kids will learn that God has given them the power to love others because He loved first.

This curriculum promises to be a life changing experience, packed with fun and laughter, focusing on four basic truths. (1) Love comes from God. (2) God’s love causes us to love and obey God. (3) God’s love causes us to love others. (4) God’s love causes us to love things that God loves. This curriculum will give kids a deep understanding of what it means to love others, motivated by a deeper understanding of God’s love for them.


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“Amazing Marvel” is a five-part curriculum that will give kids an up-close look at the power of justice in the world. With superhero enthusiasm, kids will learn that they need to be on the lookout to rid the world of wrong.

This curriculum promises to be a formative experience, helping each child understand what justice is and why it matters, focusing on four basic truths. (1) We want to make sure that every person’s needs are met. (2) We want to make sure that every person is treated kindly. (3) We want to make sure that we do whatever we can to make life better for others. (4) We might not be able to change the whole world, but we can change the world for a few people. This curriculum will challenge kids to pursue a lifestyle of justice, fairness, and compassion and give an understanding as to why justice is important to God.


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sailing towards service


sailing towards service - $59.99

"Sailing Toward Service" is a four-part curriculum that will help motivate kids to value the virtue of service. Kids will be inspired each day by a quirky 19th century sailor named Pip who will tell them about a biblical hero that exemplifies serving. Your kids will learn, through each day's stories and games, that service isn't something we do one time...it's being constantly "on the lookout" for ways to help others and bring them joy.

The first three days focus on shaping your kids' view of service as a constant, never-ending awareness, rather than a single act. The fourth day broadens the definition of service by teaching kids that service means helping others and bringing them joy even when we don't want to or aren't the mood to serve. The final day focuses on Jesus as the greatest servant of all and that when we serve, others will be inspired to serve, just like we have been inspired by Jesus.

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Treasuring Others


Treasuring others - $59.99

"Treasuring Others" is a four-part curriculum that will help motivate kids to value the virtue of diversity. Kids will laugh and love Mortimer Grey, a bumbling treasure hunter who is in search of the greatest treasure of all time. Each day he will learn a little more about what real treasure is, finally realizing on the final day that the greatest treasure of all is our love of God and others.

To explain diversity, we begin by teaching that God treasures all people and He wants us to love and be a friend to everyone. The application of diversity begins with the truth that God treasures all people, and He wants us to love and be a friend to everyone (1) even if they're different, (2) because we care, not because we have to, (3) even if they have a different past than we do, (4) and even if it's hard to do. When kids realize that God treasures all people and wants us to do the same, they will be motivated to treasure others!

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Royalty Free Pictures - $9.99

Get the attention of kids and adults alike with these beautiful, royalty free pictures! Use these stunning pictures of happy kids and beautiful landscapes to design bulletin inserts, decorate classrooms, make signs, and produce other multimedia productions! This resource is designed to make your job easier!



Justice Kids
Design PackageMedia


Justice Kids Design Package - $9.99

We want to help you and your church make great looking post cards, banners, web illustrations, handouts, and more! With the Justice Kids Adobe Illustrator files, you will be able to use the Justice Kids design elements and access already-designed templates to do just that. Files include a 3’x7’Justice Kids banner design, a 5”x7” Justice Kids postcard design, and the Justice Kids logo to use on handouts and church publications.






    Title   Artist
Be So Glad   Grace Laxson
Big or Small   Lauren Edwards
Say I Dream   Tyrone Andrew Feat. Micah
H.B.   Rootdown
To Love   Micah Bournes Feat. Jasmine
Over It   Grace Laxson or Justin Lavik
Be Strong   Grace Laxson
Without Love   Justin Lavik
String Interlude   Ben Larson
Eternity Now   Micah Bournes
Take A Look Around   Erin Cole Baker
We Are Too Alive   Lauren Edwards